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Undoubtedly one of the cutest couples on the planet, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have been married for nearly 70 years.

Through thick and thin, the royal pair have stuck by each other's sides. While the two are notoriously private about their life behind closed doors -- they rarely show displays of affection in public -- one adorable detail about their relationship will melt your heart.

Just like any couple, the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty have cute nicknames for each other. In the 2006 film "The Queen," the actor who plays Prince Philip calls his wife Queen Elizabeth "cabbage." Yes, cabbage. Who knew vegetables could be so endearing?

“I inquired in royal circles and was told on very good authority that that is what the duke sometimes calls the Queen,” the film’s screenwriter Peter Morgan tells The Times. The Queen’s biographer, Robert Lacey, confirmed.

Many believe that his term of endearment comes from mon petit chou, a French way of saying “my darling.” In English, the term translates literally to "my little cabbage."
许多人认为这一昵称来自法语mon petit chou,是法国人说“亲爱的”的一种表达方式。这一短语翻译成英语的字面意思是“我的小白菜”。

But that isn't the only nickname Queen Elizabeth has. Her great grandson, Prince George, calls her "Gan-Gan" while her family called her "Lilibet" when she was younger to poke fun at the fact that the then-princess couldn't properly pronounce her name.




Jennifer Lawrence: J-Law / Nitro
詹妮弗•劳伦斯:J-Law / Nitro

Jennifer Lawrence's biggest nickname now is J-Law, but she used to go by "Nitro" when she was a kid, explaining to Conan O'Brien that she earned the moniker because she was "unstoppably and uncontrollably hyper."

Liam Payne: Cheesy Head

Liam Payne told The Sun in 2012 that not only did his big sisters used to dress him (sometimes in their outfits), but they also dubbed him Cheesy Head. "They used to call me Cheesy Head because I ate cheesy crisps all day," he said.

Daniel Radcliffe: Shrimpy

Before he was Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe was a prawn. "I'm really not sure I ever had a decent nickname," Radcliffe told BBC. "I remember getting called Shrimpy a lot because I was very, very pale and very skinny."

Cristiano Ronaldo: Crybaby

Cristiano Ronaldo, the most famous soccer star on the planet (and possibly ever), wasn't always such a good sport. His childhood teammate, Ricardo Santos, told Reuters that Ronaldo had a nickname as a kid that wasn't inspired by a Johnny Depp character, but by his weepy habits. "[We called him] Crybaby, yes," Santos said with a chuckle, "because Ronaldo already loved to win like he loves today and when he lost and when other kids didn't pass the ball to him he used to cry."
世界上(可能是有史以来)最著名的足球明星C罗并不总是输得起的人。他童年的队友里卡多•桑托斯告诉路透社说,罗纳尔多小时候有个昵称叫“爱哭鬼”,这个昵称和约翰尼•德普的那个角色没有关系,而是因为罗纳尔多爱哭的习惯。 “(我们叫他)爱哭鬼,是的。” 桑托斯笑着说,“因为罗纳尔多那时候已经和现在一样好胜,如果他输了,或者其他的孩子没有传球给他,他就会哭。”

Keanu Reeves: The Wall

Growing up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Keanu Reeves was such an incredible goalie as a kid on his local hockey team that he was nicknamed "The Wall."

Cameron Diaz: Skeletor

When she was a kid, Cameron Diaz's classmates dubbed her "Skeletor" because of her thin, lanky frame and big smile.

Barack Obama: Barry O'Bomber

A high school pal of former President Barack Obama revealed to NBC News that when they shot hoops as kids, Obama's nickname was "Barry O'Bomber"—because he'd take hard shots and often miss!

Britney Spears: Brit

The $185 million net worth singer Britney Spears was named the 'Princess of Pop' before she hit the age of 25. As her career progressed, her fans began calling her 'Queen B.' She is one of the few people in the world to be called a princess and a queen. The songstress has also been called 'Brit' and 'Brit Brit' by those closest to her. On top of those nicknames, Britney is also referred to as Pinkey.
身价1.85亿美元的歌手布兰妮在25岁前就被封为“流行公主”。随着她演艺事业的推进,歌迷们开始叫她“女王蜂”。她是世界上仅有的几个同时拥有“公主”和“女王”称号的人。这位女歌手还被最亲近的人叫作Brit和Brit Brit。除了以上这些昵称,布兰妮还被叫作Pinkey。

Rihanna: Ri

Rihanna has one of those unique names that you don't hear every day. But even with a one-of-a-kind name, the singer still has numerous nicknames. On occasion, her friends, fans and the media will refer to her as 'RiRi,' which is shortened version of her first name. This nickname is also spelled 'RihRih.' Rihanna has also been called, 'Ri,' 'Caribbean Queen,' and 'The Barbados Babe.'

Lady Gaga: Mother Monster

The $275 million net worth singer Lady Gaga has a legion of fans that refer to her as 'Mother Monster.' Her army of fans, who call themselves 'Monsters' also tend to refer to the singer as GaGa on occasion. Of course Lady Gaga is a stage name, but even the singer's family doesn't call her by her birth name. Gaga is called 'Sucra' by her grandma; 'Loopy' by her grandfather and she was known as 'Germ' in high school.

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